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Vantage Retail Hub

The internet, smart phones and tablets have revolutionised the way of doing business along with providing the means to creating large amounts of data. Companies need to have strategies in place for managing large volumes of both structured and unstructured data and analysing it in an easy and efficient manner to ensure that it adds value to the business. Business and IT leaders are now looking to use big data analytics to identify trends, detect patterns and gain insight that will help them make most of internal data tied together with the external data.


Vantage POS

Cloud Connected POS Billing System For Shops

Axienta's Vantage POS is a web based cloud computing solution offering real time point of sales transaction processing with quick barcode integration and full touch screen support and comprehensive coverage of pre sales, inventory management and post sales operations. The solution centralizes customers, inventory and sales into a single cloud database and provides accurate real time information. The cloud ensures continuous access to the system from anywhere in the world and substantially benefits retailers with absolutely no investments for system hosting, installation and maintenance.

Make proactive decisions based on current information.

Our powerful data warehousing solutions allow you to capture data in real-time and evaluate the situation on the ground with minimal delay.

Tailor-made solutions customized to your business needs.

Our Proprietary Exact Load and Transform application is customizable and gives us the control to define the logic based on your business processes and requirements.Our team works with yours to evaluate your requirements and develops a solution tailored to your business needs and capacity.

Seamless integration

Flexibility to fit effortlessly with legacy systems, ensuring minimal disruption.

More results with less effort, 10-100x faster than existing solutions

Our collaboration with proven partners HPE Vertica and Tableau Software, allows you to work with massive volumes of structured and semi-structured data quickly and reliably.

Create your own reports

Tableau invite user interface with drag-and-drop data manipulation gives the average user power to produce reports that were once the province of power users, data scientists and statisticians.

Gain Competitive advantage

Optimized statistical models and predictive analytics give you insights into trends in internal and external data.

Quick Returns

Agile process ensures a smooth transition and training parallel to implementation helps your team get the utmost from the solution from the very beginning.

Speak to us for guided evaluation of Vantage Big Data Analytics, where we give you a practical demonstration of how we can restructure your big data for maximum impact.

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