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Telecom service providers, now more than ever before, are challenged to find ways of keeping customers engaged. This is especially true of emerging markets, where prepaid customers are price-sensitive and hungry for service quality.

Reduce Churn & Increase Acquisition

Insights across networks right up to tertiary sales outlets can be key to providing exactly the right product and reducing churn or increasing acquisition.
In addition, non-availability of products at retail points will automatically contribute to churn.

Axienta’s telco solution is designed specifically to empower and boost performance of the fields sales force to ensure 'share of shelf'.


  • Real-time data synchronisation
  • With unique and proprietary technology to handle complex integrations and serialized inventory
  • By monitoring competitor information
  • Value added enhancements such as GIS and retailer application
  • Big Data Analytics equipped with different sources of intelligence to produce usable insights e.g Usage trends across territories
  • Ensuring Scalability & Security

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